Penguin Flying Chess Board Game

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❤ Develop children's logical part of the brain by developing and learning strategies for the game
❤ Colors bring creativity to children
❤ Requires minimum adult supervision as it is quite easy to learn
❤ Teaches the concept of clockwise movement to children
❤ Teaches children basic concepts of numbers

How To Play

Each player rolls the dice in order, and the player with the smallest number starts playing with other players in clockwise order, you must roll out a number "6" to move your penguin from your corner and roll to "6" You also have the right to roll the dice once.

Once you roll out a ‘6’, remove a penguin from your corner and place it in the middle of the free space in front, roll the dice again and move the penguin clockwise along the game board as indicated by the dice number.

Then give the opportunity to the next player.

​Package Size: 27*27*5.5 cm

Weight: 0.38kg

Material: High-Quality plastic




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