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❤ Black And White Toys For Newborns Are Essential For Your Infants
❤ Baby is born with blurred vision, and only gradually increased after 3 months old, but with the help of a Black-and-white contrast image, which can stimulate babies' vision cognition process for brain enlightenment step by step.
❤ Simples cognitive illustration with Animals, insects, fruits, food, graphics, letters, numbers, etc. are included in each cloth book, to help newborns to understand the new horizon. The colors are full and the patterns are diverse, a total of 26 soft cards for babies, so that the baby is immersed in the ocean of knowledge, completely staged visual training.
❤ Infant cloth cards are made of high-quality cloth and non-toxic cotton core. Visual stimulation card is entirely textile, unlike other educational cards, we have no sharp edges and will not harm the baby. Our learning toys are washable and do not discolor and are not easily deformed. They are 100% safe for babies and have fine stitches. And equipped with a handbag, Easy to carry and organize baby cloth cards.


Material: Cotton
Product size: about 18 x 13 x 11cm

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