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Preparing your house for the baby

Getting ready for a newborn is very much exciting. There is so much to do to keep your baby comfortable and happy that sometimes you might not know where to begin. You have to make your house cozy, clean, and comfortable for the baby that is safe from any hazards or harmful illness.

Here are some tips to help prepare your house for your new arrival.

1.It is important to make your home and surrounding child safe. Childs curiosity knows no bounds and they grow very fast. Put all sharp objects in a place where the child cannot reach them. Keep all electrical fittings covered. You may need to buy a special car seat for your new baby.

2.Store all chemicals up and away, properly sealed and labeled. Commonly used substances like detergent, aftershave, alcohol can be toxic to the baby. A locked storage space like high cabinets is best.

3.Disconnect electrical rollers, hairdryers from the plug point, when not in use. Look at your corners, there may lay some unnecessary wires, sockets, etc. Throw them away.

4.Store all the plastic wrapping materials, dry cleaning bags, plastic food wrap away from the children. They are a common cause of suffocation.

5.You may require a cradle for the baby to sleep beside you after birth. A diaper changing table you may need a firm hard table with a soft mattress that you can the little one while changing the diaper. It is better if you add some drawers to it so that you can keep the baby's clothes, creams, shampoos, medicines inside it.

6.It will be difficult for you to feed, change the baby at night, so you may find it safer and more practical to have a few well-placed lights.

7.When you are buying toys, make sure they do not have small parts or sharp edges. Rattles, squeeze toys, and teethers in big sizes are good for the baby.

8. You may want to purchase a pram to take your newborn for a leisurely walk. Be sure to buy furniture that is flame resistant

9.Even if you breastfeed the baby, you may need baby bottles, a sterilizer to keep it sterile, and formula milk for emergencies.

10.You will need some linen items, and baby clothes to keep your baby warm and comfortable. You may need several sets a day.

With today's hectic schedule, having a newborn baby can feel overwhelming for parents. Preparation will make it easier.

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